When: 23-24th of November, 2019
Language: English.
Contact email: team@atropos.se
Where: Gothenburg, Sweden
Price: From 500 SEK (basically just covers rent) to 1000 SEK (If you want to sponsor our organization).
Venue: 3:e Våningen Click here for the venue’s own guide on how to get there. The address is:

Sockerbruket 9

Sleeping:  Participants will sleep in-game from Saturday to Sunday.
Food: There will be very light food served during the game, on equivalence of snacks/vending machine. Everyone should bring some food that can be prepared with a water boiler or a microwave that can be eaten for lunch and dinner. Being a little bit hungry might help with the atmosphere, but you’re also allowed to bring enough to sustain you fully.
Schedule: Workshops will start at 12 am (noon) on Saturday. The larp will end around 2 pm on Sunday, with a voluntary debrief afterwards and some social hanging out.

Participants: 22, 8 hostage takers and 14 hostages.

What you get:
* Short, condensed characters with the information needed to develop them further.
* A regular mattress (not a camping mattress) to sleep on during the in-game night + some blankets.
* Some light snacks and food.
* A close, personal drama
* A relaxed larp atmosphere that focuses on connection between players and good group chemistry.