What is it?

Collateral Emotions is a small, psychological larp. It is a participatory drama about a hostage situation that goes wrong. It is meant to explore the emotions and situations that arise from a prolonged hostage situation. As hostages and attackers are forced to live side by side, handling daily needs and start talking to each other, the boundaries are muddled and what was once black and white becomes a sliding scale of gray.

It is played on 23-24th of November in Gothenburg, Sweden, 2019.
There are 22 spots at the event, divided among eight attackers and fourteen hostages.

Sleeping and eating will be done in game. The scenography is highly abstract and makes use of techniques seen in the movie Dogville to create the office space where the drama takes places.

Collateral Emotions is created by Atropos (http://atropos.se)